LLC “Ukrainian Certification Agency”

Mission: to promote the competitiveness of enterprises in order to introduce safe and effective products and ensure public confidence in the impartiality, competence and objectivity of conformity assessment activities.

The main goal: to become one of the leaders among national conformity assessment bodies and competitive in the European certification system.

Objective: to provide conformity assessment services in accordance with the regulated requirements, taking into account the wishes of all stakeholders, as well as to continuously increase the competence of staff and expand the activities of the conformity assessment body.

Our values are based on the following principles:

Independence and impartiality – the conformity assessment body manages possible conflicts of interest and threats to independence and impartiality, the decisions of the conformity assessment body are based solely on objectively obtained evidence of conformity.

Competence – the staff involved in the conformity assessment process has the appropriate level of education, competence, which allows them to skillfully apply knowledge during the work.

Liability – the conformity assessment body is responsible for carrying out an objective assessment of the sufficiency of evidence of conformity. Based on the conclusions of the assessment, it makes decision on the issuance of a certificate if there is sufficient evidences of compliance. Any assessment is based on sampling only within the quality management system and therefore is not a guarantee of 100% compliance.

Openness – the conformity assessment body provides stakeholders with access to information on the audit process, conformity assessment and its status in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

Confidentiality – the conformity assessment body maintains the confidentiality of any private information about the customer.

Responding to complaints – conformity assessment body provides a review of all without exception complaints in accordance with established procedures, ensuring the protection of its clients and applicants from errors, omissions, and the like.

Risk-oriented approach – the conformity assessment body takes into account the risks associated with the provision of competent, consistent and impartial certification.

         The responsibility for realization the policy and ensuring its implementation is assumed by the top management of the conformity assessment body.

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